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Applying for IPO from SBI Internet Banking

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Before you begin to read this page, read the lesson that gives you an introduction to Initial Public Offer (IPO).

Login to your SBI Internet banking

Click on eServices in the top menu bar

On the left menu, click on Demat and ASBA Services

They will show you agreement terms.. click on Accept button

You will see the list of IPOs that are currently open

You will notice Central Depository Services that is currently open

Click on the radio button

Then click on Go button to go to the next step

It will show u an undertaking about the IPO

Click on Accept to continue to the next screen

The Details of the Issue will be shown

On that page, at the bottom part, you will notice Enter the following details

In the Select Category, select Employee

See if Applicant Name is enabled or not

If it is not enabled, it means u have to enable for that option in SBI Profile

To do this, click on Profile link in the top menu

Click on Manage IPO Applicant

It will ask for Profile Password. This is different from your net banking password.

After u enter to the Profile password, you will be allowed to enter the name of the IPO Applicant

Enter the IPO Applicant same as in your Zerodha Demat

After this step is done, return back to the IPO (Equity) - ABSA Page

Now you should be able to see the Applicant Name

Enter your PAN Card Number

Re-enter the PAN Card number in the next field

Select NSDL or CDSL depending on where your demat is located (you can get this details from Zerodha Contract notes or even from your Kite Login)

In Bid 1, tick mark the check box Cut Off Price

Enter Quantity.. (For CDSL IPO it is in multiples of 100)

Click on Submit Button to complete the process

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