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Bajaj Corp Limited

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In The News

Market Capitalization

  • October 11, 2017: Rs. 6121 Cr (Mid Cap)
  • June 2, 2017: Rs. 5574 Cr (Mid Cap)

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Markets Mojo

Date Quality Valuation Financial Trend
October 11, 2017 Excellent (Rank # 10 of 88 ) Fair Flat (Score: -5 )
June 2, 2017 Excellent (Rank # 11 of 87 ) Attractive Flat (Score: -5 )

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Coverage / Ratings / Rankings

Date Source Category Ranking / Description
April 9 - 15, 2017 Smart Investment Smart Picks Buy
March 20 - April 2, 2017 Dalal Street Investment Journal Five Stocks Which You Should Exit Now Sell

Financial Results

Earnings Per Share (Quarterly)(Standalone Basic EPS)

EPS 30 September 2016 30 June 2017 30 September 2017
3.95 3.73 3.44

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Investor Presentations / Collateral

Shareholding Pattern

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