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Board Meetings / Results announcements on August 23, 2017

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About 24 companies would announce their Financial Results on August 23, 2017

Company Name (BSEId) Estimated Time Actual Announcement Time Financial Result
ATV Projects India Limited (ATVPR) (500028) (INE447A01015) Unaudited financial results for the quarter ending, 30th June, 2017
Castrol India Limited (CASTROLIND)(500870) Financial Result For 30 June 2017
Cybertech Systems and Software Ltd‏‎ (CYBERTECH) (532173)
Ludlow Jute and Specialities Limited (LUDLOWJUT) (526179) (INE983C01015) Unaudited Financial Results Along With Auditor'S Limited Review Report For The Quarter Ended 30Th June, 2017
Procter and Gamble Hygiene and Health Care Limited (PGHH) (500459) (INE179A01014)
Shivalik Bimetal Controls Limited (SHBCLQ) (513097) (INE386D01027)
ADF FOODS LTD.-$ - 519183 Un-Audited Financial Results June 30, 2017
Ashari Agencies Ltd - 540024 Financial Results For Qtr Ende 30/06/2017
AURANPAP (502352)
BCL (524332)
HINDUJA VENTURES LTD. - 500189 Revised Financial Results For March 31, 2017
INDSILHYD (522165)
JAMSHRI (502901)
KUNSTOFF (523594)
LOYALTEX (514036)
MACKINN (501874)
PC Products India Ltd - 539267 Standalone Unaudited Financial Results For Quarter I Ended 30Th June, 2017
PML (539113)
RAVINDRA TRADING & AGENCIES LTD. - 504341 Submission Of Limited Review Report And Standalone Unaudited Financial Results For The 1St Quarter Ended June 30, 2017 And Outcome Of The Meeting
RBL (532987)
SREERAYA (507753)
Viaan Industries Ltd - 537524 Standalone Unaudited Financial Result For The Quarter Ended 30Th June, 2017
TIVOLI CONSTRUCTION LTD. - 511096 Resubmission Of Quarterly Financial Results For The Quarter Ended 30Th June, 2017
LAKSHMI MILLS COMPANY LTD.-$ - 502958 Unaudited results for the quarter ended 30.06.2017 along with Limited Review Report of the Statutory Auditors.
STERLING INTERNATIONAL ENTERPRISES LTD.-$ - 508998 Audited Financial Results For The Year Ended On March 31, 2017
ARC Finance Ltd - 540135 Financial Result For Quarter Ended On 30.06.2017 Along With Limited Review Report On The Result
Alufluoride Limited (ALUFLUOR) (524634) (INE058F01019) Outcome of Board Meeting
S R K INDUSTRIES LTD. - 531307 Un-Audited Financial Results Re-Aranged As Per Ind AS For The Quarter Ended 30Th June 2017
Aurum Soft Systems Limited - 530885 Rectified Audited Financial Results for the Quarter & Year ended March 31, 2017
LABH CONSTRUCTION LTD. - 530339 Financial Result- 30.06.2017
PRAJAY ENGINEERS SYNDICATE LTD. - 531746 Revised Audited Financial Results For The Quarter And Year Ended 31-03-2017
NATH PULP & PAPER MILLS LTD. - 502407 Un Audited Financial Results
DECCAN POLYPACKS LTD. - 531989 Outcome Of The Board Meeting Held On 14.08.2017 - Reg
RANE BRAKE LINING LTD. - 532987 Financial Results For June 30, 2017 (Un-Audited)

Board Meetings / Quarterly Results