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IL and FS Engineering And Construction Company Limited

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Basic Information

In The News

  • February 5, 2018: We wish to inform that the Meeting of the Board of Directors of the Company is scheduled to be held on Monday, February 12, 2018, inter-alia to consider, approve and take on record the Unaudited Financial Results of the Company for the Quarter and Nine Months Ended December 31, 2017
  • November 20, 2017: We wish to inform the Stock Exchanges that in response to the Letter from PVVNL purporting to terminate the Contract for rural electrification works of villages of Moradabad district, the Company initiated arbitration proceedings against PVVNL and had filed a petition before High Court of Delhi seeking interim relief against the operation of the said Letter of termination ....

Market Capitalization

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Markets Mojo

Date Quality Valuation Financial Trend
February 5, 2018 Average (Rank # 48 of 87 ) Very Attractive Positive (Score: 12 )
November 27, 2017 Average (Rank # 47 of 86 ) Very Attractive Flat (Score: 4 )
October 12, 2017 Average (Rank # 50 of 87 ) Very Attractive Flat (Score: 4 )

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Technical Indicators

Date SuperTrend Trend Reversal PSAR Williams %R (14) CCI (20) ADX (14)
October 12, 2017 Bullish 30.79 Bullish -21.57 (Neutral) +111 Strong Uptrend (Bullish) 32.94 (Neutral)

Chart Frequency: 1 Day; Chart Style: Heikin Ashi

SuperTrend Parameters: Period: 7; Multiplier: 3

Parabolic SAR: Minimum AF: 0.02; Maximum AF: 0.2

Circuit Filters / Group Changes

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