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Indian Toners and Developers Limited

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Market Capitalization

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Markets Mojo

Date Quality Valuation Financial Trend
November 24, 2017 Average (Rank # 10 of 24 ) Expensive Flat (Score: 0 )
November 23, 2017 Average (Rank # 11 of 24 ) Expensive Flat (Score: 0 )
June 14, 2017 Average (Rank # 10 of 24 ) Fair Positive (Score: 17 )

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Coverage / Ratings / Rankings

Date Source Category Ranking / Description / Comments
June 9 - 22, 2017 Moneylife Stock Watch - Reasonably Priced Since over 95% of raw materials the company uses are imported, and 99% of finished products are exported, factors like foreign exchange fluctuations, increase in oil prices and international freight, impact its margins. The stock is very reasonably priced at 11 times the FY16-17 net profit.
April 17 - 23, 2017 Money Times Punter Picks Last Close: 168.9; Demand Point: 165; Trigger: 173.8; Weak Below: 156; Supply Point: 184.8; Supply Point: 202.6; RS-Strength: 65.25
April 10, 2017 MoneyLife Stock Letter Panther Small-cap / low price stocks Manufacturer and exporter of compatible toners for printers. Solid ROCE with no debt. Highly

Undervalued. Rising exports along with robust cash flows.

Financial Results

Earnings Per Share (Quarterly)(Standalone Basic EPS)

EPS 30 September 2016 30 June 2017 30 September 2017
4.27 2.71 5.73

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Corporate Action

  • Ex Date: 07 Dec 2017; Record Date: 08 Dec 2017

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