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This website is purely ACADEMIC in nature and NOT a stock market recommendation service or a tip provider. No live data or feeds are provided and all information is historic only. Information is provided for ease of understanding for the purpose of learning. Accuracy of definitions etc is not mantained. I am not a SEBI or IRDA registered.

Introduction to these Lessons

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First, let me set your expectations straight!

This group is purely for tutorials / academic content.

I do not give market calls or buying tips.

But we will discuss a lot of examples of which type of stock to buy and which ones to avoid.

I am not a SEBI recognized or a certified professional.

These lessons are based on my personal experience and understanding of the markets, and I can be grossly wrong.

Our lessons and discussions will be in pure academic / educational sense only.

There are two reasons for starting this group.

Firsly, there are several people who get attracted to stock markets.

The average investor in the stock markets is a very greedy one.

He wants quick and fast return from the investments and stock markets looks lucrative.

Needlesss to say, he is one who repeatedly losses the most.

This is because, most of them depend on tips given by others.

Why should we depend on tips given by others?

Because: We are lazy to do even the most basic stock analysis.

When we go to the market to buy vegetables or household goods, we do a lot of analysis.

We bargain a lot even for a good product.

But when it comes to buying shares ..

we just hear from the groups and ..

straight away we open our trading software and buy the share even without doing any analysis.


When market calls / tips work in our favor, we earn handsome money.

And we feel it is our own expertise.

But if the tip fails

=> we loose money, often a lot more than what we anticipated.

=> loss of part or whole of our capital money and

=> we curse the tip provider for the wrong call

As many as 80% lose money in stock markets.

So, we may say, the success rate in the stock markets is very poor.

Many people from various groups ask me if a stock is good or bad.

Or seek an opinion about what to do with a badly stuck investment.

Honestly, I got tired analysing and answering stocks for individuals.

So, I started a group so that i can review and explain about the stocks.

But friends kept coming again and again.

Asking is this a good one? Can we invest in that?

Instead of explaining why a company share is good or bad,

i felt teaching friends can help them pick the right stock for investing.

So, this group is one such effort.

Secondly, I like teaching and sharing knowledge.

I used to be a full-time teacher and an Asst Prof, about 10 years ago, at UG and PG levels.

I always feel that, any knowledge we have will be useful in one form or the other, somewhere in our lives.

We need to use our intelligence to use our knowledge and ideas.

I like academics!

I did my MBA and MA in Economics

.. And I am still pursuing my academics.

I always advise to everyone:

If you have time and money, consider joining a university course.

May be as part time, or may be under distance education mode.

The course you join need not always be career-related.

It can be of any topic that you have interest and passion.

It is the passion that will drive your interests.

Interest drives you to Learn.

College courses teach u the right things to learn.

If you are already into stock markets and ..

facinated with companies, stock price moments and the news flow, trust me,

MBA will be exciting for you.

I cannot afford the time to go college, either to learn or to teach at the moment,

but .. may be 5 or 10 years from now, i would end up there.

BTW, i just finished by MA in Education and this is my 9th Postgraduation Degree.

I and heading towards my next academic course which will be a bigger challenge for me.

This is my 4th tutorials group on Equity markets.

The earlier groups were full 255-member and I am sure many of them there are better equipped now than before when it comes to investing.

My interest in learning, teaching and sharing drove me to spend a lot of time in the teaching groups.

But unfortunately time is a big factor.

So, possibily this will be my last tutorials group.

Being a part of this group, all I expect from you is ..

1. a little dedication to learn and

2. discipline to answer assignments / activities.

First thing first!

This group is only for those who are NEW to markets and to those who want to learn about Equities.

This group is NOT for those who are already seasoned traders, professionals or experts.

Learning requires an open mindedness.

If you already know certain concepts or terms etc, pls do not get excited and over react!

Pls do not divert the group topic being dealt in the group.

Pls do not argue. If you try to argue, contradict or think negatively, you cannot learn.

If you feel your conviction is right, please stick to your own ideas.

I am not forcing you to go only my way.

Disturbance creats confusion and disappoints serious learners.

For easy explanation, I will be using as simple vocabulary as possible.

I might not give exact definitions during our discussions here.

Please use academic books, material or Google for exact terminology and detailed explanation.

In particular, i will use terms interchangebly to mean the same (though technically their definitions are different) such as:

1. Company = stock = share

2. Sector = Industry

Please keep a pen and a paper with you

.. and note down the points you feel are important to you.

Seriously: This indeed works! and i love to see your notes if you can share.

Our lessons are virtual,

our assignments use virtual paper money

but tomorrow you will be using real money in making your investments.

So take the lessons seriously.

After the completion of the sessions every night,

when you wake up tomorrow morning,

re-read all the topics being discussed.

Revision of topics takes just 10 to 15 minutes.

I hope you understood the intentions about the group and how we shall go about.

Can we start now?

Now, lets get into the topic.

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