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Listed, Unlisted and De-Listed Companies

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Listed Companies

Listing is the process by which a company, after getting due approvals from all stakeholders, applies to get listed on the stock exchange so that the shares of the company can be traded.

The companies that we see on the stock exchange website that have tickers with prices changing are all listed companies.

Unlisted Companies

Unlisted companies are those companies that are not (yet) listed on the stock exchange.

This means that the shares of such companies are not tradable on the stock exchange.

So, when you want to sell the shares of such companies that you might hold in your demat, you will probably find yourself a buyer for your shares when you want to sell. Some brokers who work in this area might assist you in this.

Unlike Listed companies, Unlisted companies do not have obligations to submit their disclosures regularly to the stock exchange. This means that the public in general might not get to know of what is happening in the company and this will lead to questions of transparency.

Examples of popular unlisted companies are Metropolitan Stock Exchange (MSE)

Delisted Company

A Delisted Company is a company that previous got listed but because of some situation, it was delisted from the stock exchange.

In some cases, companies themselves go for delisting while in other cases, SEBI or the Stock Exchange might force the company to delist as penal reasons because they fail to comply with the listing norms.

Companies in the Z-group, for example, are potential companies that will be forced to delist.

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