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Offer For Sale

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What is OFS?

OFS stands for Offer For Sale.

It is a process by which the promoter or a large investor holding of a listed company is offering to sell their holding through a separate exchange window.

This is the most common and preferred method for promoters to offload / dilute their holding in listed companies.

Who are eligible to OFS?

There are three types of people who can offer their holding in OFS mechanism:

1. Promoter(s)/ promoter group entities of companies that are eligible for trading and are required to increase public shareholding to meet the minimum public shareholding requirements

2. All promoters/promoter group entities of top 100 companies by market capitalisation in any of the last four completed quarters, market capitalisation being calculated as average market capitalisation in a quarter.

3. Any non-promoter shareholder of eligible companies (top 200 companies by market capitalization) holding at least 10% of share capital may also offer shares through the OFS mechanism.

Who can participate in OFS?

All investors registered with a NSE Trading member can participate in the OFS mechanism offered by NSE.

Where can I see ongoing OFS issues?

The information about currently available / ongoing OFS issues will be available on stock exchange websites.

For example, you can check the OFS Current Issues on NSE website at

How will the shares be allotted to the investors?

The designated Stock Exchange will allot the shares either on a single price or multiple price models as specified by the issuer/seller.

No single bidder other than mutual funds and insurance companies shall be allocated more than 25% of the size of OFS.

Share under non-retail category and with 100% margins would be settled on T+1 day whereas for retail and non-retail with 100% margins will get settled on T+2 and will be credited in a manner similar to the existing equity market transactions.

What is Indicative Price?

Indicative Price is the volume weighted average price of all the valid/confirmed bids.

The indicative price shall be separate for Retail Bids and Non-Retail bids.

There shall be no indicative price display for the retail portion of OFS where "Sellers" provide retail invest ors an option for bidding at "cut-off" price.

Where can I buy shares under OFS?

You can login with your share broker login to place your bids to buy shares under OFS

How can I apply for OFS Zerodha?

Just login to and go to the Portfolio option and see OFS

For more details, check

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