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Price Quotes

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When you open a trading software or terminal, you will notice some information in regard to a company stock.

In particular, when you see the quotes dialogue box, you will some information such as:

  1. Bid and Ask Quantity
  2. Bid and Ask Price
  3. Last Traded Price, Qty and Time
  4. Day High
  5. Day Low
  6. 52 Week High
  7. 52 Week Low

In general, we will see Top 5 quotes for bid and ask.

Some corporate brokers or those having special packages will be able to see Top 10 but for Retail terminals, it is limited to Top 5 quotes only.

In India, these quotes are directly streamed from the stock exchange to the client terminal (of course via the broker servers).

However, in the US and other developed countries, the quotes are allowed to be changed at the broker servers. This is allowed because in those markets, High Frequency Trading (HFT) is allowed where in the trades are allowed to be transacted or changed within a short period of time.

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