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SMS promoted stocks

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Beware of these companies being promoted by SMS tips from unknown sources. The investment advise from unsolicited sources are a trap

  • Kapil Raj Finance (539679) (30Jan2018)
  • Funny Software Ltd (539169) (23Jan2018)
  • Amsons Apparels (AMSONS) (538861) (17Jan2018)
  • Ejecta Marketing Ltd (EML) (538653) (11Jan2018)
  • Mohit Industries Ltd (MOHITIND) (531453)
  • Steel Exchange India Ltd (STEELXIND) (534748)
  • Swadeshi Industries Leasing Co. Ltd. (SWADEIN) (506863)
  • Universal Credit & Securities Ltd. (UNICRSE) (531963)
  • Alps Motor Finance Ltd (ALPSMOTOR) (538423)
  • Aplays Creations Limited (511064)
  • Kalpa Commercial Limited (KALPACOMME)(539014)
  • Shri Krishna Prasadam Ltd (SKP) (537954)
  • Sunstar Realty Development Ltd (535141)
  • AMMLTD (538653)
  • BCPAL Ltd (538364)

Better DO NOT enter, hold or trade in these companies.

If already holding, exit at the earliest to be safe.

It is always better to be safe than to be sorry.