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Shriram Transport Finance Company Limited

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Basic Information

In The News

  • November 1, 2017: Analyst / Investor Meet - Intimation: In accordance with the said Regulation(s), please find below the details of scheduled meetings with Analysts / Institutional Investors as per letter attached. Kindly take the above information on record. This information is also being hosted on the website of the Company.
  • September 1, 2017: The Company is considering raising of funds through various options of borrowings including by way of issue of securities in onshore/offshore market on private placement basis. Based on the market conditions the meeting(s) of Banking and Finance Committee/Debt Issuance Committee will be held during the current month ending September 30, 2017 to consider and approve the terms and conditions of such borrowings. ....

Market Capitalization

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Markets Mojo

Date Quality Valuation Financial Trend
November 1, 2017 Good (Rank # 41 of 832 ) Expensive Positive (Score: 9 )
August 31, 2017 Good (Rank # 37 of 830 ) Attractive Positive (Score: 9 )
August 4, 2017 Good (Rank # 39 of 837 ) Attractive Positive (Score: 9 )

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Financial Results

Coverage / Ratings / Rankings

Date Source / Publication Category Ranking / Description / Comments
August 7 - 13, 2017 Money Times Tower Talk Shriram Transport Finance Company posted 20% higher PAT at Rs.448.68 crore for Q1. The stock is still a good buy considering the rising volumes of truck sales and growth in the logistics industry.
May 2017 Axis Direct Hold for a target of Rs 1130
May 31, 2017 BP Wealth Techno Funda Report Buy; CMP: 1020; Entry Range: 1000; Target Price: 1160; Stop Loss: 955

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