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AnandRathi Diwali Picks 2017

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Script Name CMP as on 06-Oct-17 Target Price Upside Potential Market Cap. (₹Mn.) PE (FY19E) Rationale/Description
Voltas Limited (VOLTAS) (500575) 529 680 29% 1,75,038 24 Higher traction in international order finalizations, margins improvement in EMPS segment and higher growth in order book.
Indiabulls Housing Finance Limited (IBULHSGFIN) (535789) 1268 1580 25% 5,38,073 13 Strong structural drivers and Govt. focus on housing for all by 2022 coupled with growth monentum in mid-income affordable housing.
Deepak Nitrite Limited (DEEPAKNI) (506401) 207 264 28% 27,055 11 A specialty chemicals play with another niche addition in Phenol space in near future.
Solar Industries India Limited (SOLARINDS) (532725) 941 1250 33% 85,133 31 Better growth in traditional business including higher exports on back of increased capacity, higher orders in propellents and entry into defence explosives business.
Bharat Forge Limited (BHARATFORG) (500493) 647 815 26% 87,580 29 Enhanced growth through product innovation, new tech. & advanced manufacturing. Eyeing on global opportunities in aerospace, rail and defense segments along with enhancing presence in passenger vehicle segment.
MOIL Limited (MOIL) (533286) 196 245 25% 52,170 11 A mining company with outlook for organic growth in place as well as tempting growth prospects for EMD in Li-Ion battery push for E-Vehicles.

Note: Prices are as on 06th Oct-17.

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