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SMC Top Picks September 2017

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Engineers India Limited (ENGINERSIN) (532178) (INE510A01028) 159.90 187 17%
HT Media Limited (HTMEDIA) (532662) (INE501G01024) 100.45 127 26%
Jain Irrigation Systems Limited (JISLJALEQS) (570004) 103.85 144 39%
Suprajit Engineering Limited (SUPRAJIT) (532509) (INE399C01030) 278.50 349 25%
Techno Electric and Engineering Co Limited (TECHNO) (533281) 356.80 461 29%

Chart Frequency: 1 Day; Chart Style: Heikin Ashi

SuperTrend Parameters: Period: 7; Multiplier: 3

Parabolic SAR: Minimum AF: 0.02; Maximum AF: 0.2

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